Websites Designed With Usability In Mind Retain Visitors Longer And Create Real Results

Websites Designed With Usability In Mind Retain Visitors Longer And Create Real Results

Jan 7, 2011

Just as the layout of a brick and mortar store is important for customers to find a product, web usability is just as critical to guiding visitors through a site. A site with poor navigation but an excellent design will be less effective and won’t generate conversions or returning visitors. Designing your site to be usable and feature excellent navigation will guide visitors to where they want and turn them in to conversions.

Why Navigation Is Critical For User Interaction

It’s often the small details that make the biggest impact on your design and not implementing even the smallest change to increase usability can be fatal during the conversion process. Being able to navigate through a site and not be bombarded by links that don’t work or being presented with useless will make your online business more effective.

Many people don’t take the small details in to account or forget about the big picture just because their site looks great and is in a digital environment. You wouldn’t choose a cookie cutter layout for your office or storefront despite the convenience in selecting it, would you? You wouldn’t because your needs are unique. The same goes for your site – users need to navigate outside of the navigation methods imposed by generic layouts.

What Is Good Design?

Tackling the issue of website usability and how it can be implemented effectively, Tanner, our resident blogger at DigitalEYE Media wrote a very extensive post titled “Designing With Usability: How To Make Navigation Easier For Users”. In the post, you can learn what web usability is and how it plays a critical role in how visitors interact with your site along with tips for improving visibility.

There is a reason why great interface designers exist: the need for usable and effective layouts is not only in demand but their work can help your bottom line. If you have a website that is very easy to use, features interactive elements that guide visitors to their destination and is visually appeasing, your website will be the best generator of cash.

The team of Graphic Designers and Web Programmers I work with at DigitalEYE Media take site usability very seriously. Their experience in crafting sites that are very easy to use and effective conversion points sets them apart from the competition. Even more so, my team’s work speaks for itself.