The 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Website

The 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Website

Jan 26, 2011

What are the five signs your site needs a major facelift? That’s a question you need to sit down to answer as there are many indicators but most importantly, is your site meeting your goals? For example, If you’re selling products online and navigation is next to impossible, your site needs a revamp. Here are the five biggest indicators you need to think about a new website.

There’s No Social Media

If you don’t have share buttons or social media integration, it’s time for a new site. Why, you may be asking, would Social Media integration warrant a complete site overhaul? Design consistency from Facebook avatars Twitter backgrounds and branding will make sure your new site and Social Media strategy doesn’t fall flat on its face.

It Has Never Been Updated

A site that has never been updated is in desperate need of an overhaul. New technologies quickly become available on the web. Not taking advantage of the latest and greatest on the web is the internet equivalent of having a closet full of summer clothes during January in Philly. Even content should be changed regularly and weekly if you have a Blog. Updating your content shows Google you care about your site.

You Can’t Find It In Google

Google is the first site people turn for info. If the people you want coming to your site can’t find it, does your site even exist? Using a combination of keyword rich content and Search Engine Optimization, your site can rise in the ranks on Google or any search engine. But, what point is an old, archaic website showing up as the first result on Google for a keyword? That’s when you know you need a redesign.

A High Bounce Rate

It’s human nature to indulge in great things, website are no different. If you notice your bounce rate is high, or a lot of people are leaving as soon as they leave, it’s time for a redesign. Bounce rates can be quelled in many different ways such as a site redesign.

It’s Slow To Load

A slow loading site is a huge indicator for a major site redesign. The issue could be poorly optimized code that adds bloat to your site. Massive images that are the result of bad design could cause a site to load slowly. An aging server could cause your site to load at a glacial pace