How Effective Copy Can Generate Results

How Effective Copy Can Generate Results

Jan 5, 2011

As part of a team of very highly skilled internet marketing experts, knowing what makes a website user-friendly but also effective is crucial in today’s keyword driven world. However most websites don’t use copy that informs or engages users. Copywriting services will make your website more effective.

Why Your Site Needs effective Copy

Creating a great website requires useful navigation elements, a visually appealing design and interesting content. Unfortunately, most websites don’t focus on the later which is one of the most effective tools in a web marketing expert’s toolkit. Effective copy is the silent sales pitch of your website. It’s the marketing man that never sleeps and should always captivate users to take an action. It also influences visitors to further explore the site or leave and never come back – It’s that powerful.

Bad Copy

A brand’s website is your presence online and the first place potential clients and visitors will see. While the visual design may be effective and be filled to the brim with features that wow, they’re useless if the copy that supports it is weak. Imagine reading a comic book and the dialogue was poor – it would detract from the action then make you board. Instead, images of super heroes fighting super villains are drawn by words and dialogue. You should treat your website the same way as great copy can be more effective than most marketing services.

Weak copy will turn off visitors, dilute your brand’s image and water down the impact of your latest product. But copy, as short as it may be, is a necessity in today’s keyword driven world. The worst kind of copy consists of words that have no purpose and do not help visitors in any way.

How effective Copy Can Generate Results

Having effective copy complimented by effective call to actions will generate results. When done right, it will guide visitors through your site leading them to an objective you want completed. One such example is completing a contact form which could generate a business lead.

Effective copy puts visitors in control. Navigation should be made easier through call to actions that lead visitors to a final goal such as checking out during the purchase process or downloading media. Call to actions and effective copy will not only captivate users but persuade them .

Have you been turned off by a website that had horrible copy? It’s a common problem some designers fail to recognize. Tell me which website made you hit the back button as soon as you started reading it.

  • Steve Wiideman

    The importance of quality copy is highly underrated – thanks for reminding us that it’s our users we’re writing for and not the search engines. The brilliance comes in when the page is SO GOOD that a reader feels they absolutely have to link to it, share it with a friend, Like it in Facebook or tweet it to their Twitter followers – just like I’m about to do with this page. Keep up the great work!

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  • Gabriel

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!