How To Use Twitter Lists To Increase Your Profile’s Value

How To Use Twitter Lists To Increase Your Profile’s Value

Sep 21, 2010

Twitter’s lists feature is a great feature to use in conjunction with Blogging and your SEO strategy. Here’s how you can strengthen your Twitter lists.

What Are Twitter Lists?

Lists allows users to add other Twitter profiles to a centralized location for quick, easy access. You can use this in conduction with your Social media strategy to instantly add more value to your Twitter profile and establish yourself an expert on who’s who in your industry.

Twitter lists are so much more than a simple place to add your favorite followers. Anyone visiting your profile will instantly see which lists you have created and who you would recommend they follow. The great thing about these lists is that they are real, active links that anyone can copy and paste to share outside of Twitter.

Twitter Lists In Action

You’ll need to make Twitter lists public if you really want to take advantage of the feature. A private list is beneficial if you want to follow your family or friends who are wary of being exposed to your list of followers but beyond that, Google will do not index your list which makes using a private list a bad idea.

It’s important you be picky when creating your lists. Just because you’re looking for Twitter profiles on photography doesn’t mean you should add anyone with a camera. Use variety when choosing people to follow. Pick people who take great product shots and some who have an eye for nature. not just photographers who focus on photo-journalism (although including a few of those in your Twitter profile would be great as well). Think of your lists as the cream of the crop when choosing professionals in a given area.

Keep your lists relatively small. People don’t want to be inundated with hundreds of new followers. If your list is filled with 50 or more people, you’ll effectively create an opt-in spam feed. If a list’s Tweets cancel out or make it harder to find Tweets from their stream, that list needs to be reworked.

When giving your list a title and description, use keywords. I made a list of everyone I work with at Digital Eye Media. Instead of calling it “People I work with” and let others infer what they want, I used something more appropriate: “Digital Eye Media Staff” with the description “The professionals that cover Digital Eye’s graphic/web design, copywriting and social media.” This covers all of our job functions at Digital Eye while providing enough keywords for anyone searching those keywords.

How I Use Twitter Lists

I’ve created a few Twitter lists to demonstrate their power. You can follow the creative staff behind Digital Eye here. I’ve also compiled a list on companies using Twitter to engage with consumers, Digital Eye’s affiliates and Social Media gurus.

Digital Eye Staff
Friends Of Digital Eye
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