Twitter: The Email Killer

Twitter: The Email Killer

Dec 7, 2010

Email was one of the first original web-tools, but it’s quickly becoming antiquated— it’s slow, “spammy” and most emails don’t get straight to the point. Twitter is the email killer society has been waiting for.

Email was championed as the forward-thinking communication tool of the 90’s. It spawned uninterrupted communication across all continents and brought down one of America’s largest corporations — killer indeed! Email is also a spammer’s heaven despite the legal ramifications. Spam is the scourge of the Internet. It is a one-way facet that disrupts people’s workflows. It’s the most obtrusive form of advertising, yet spammers continue to thrive on unsuspecting recipients. Filters have been created and are continually tweaked but the battle against spam is waged in offices everywhere on a daily basis.
Email is one of the biggest productivity killers and time wasters as people write out epics akin to The Illiad and The Odyssey, that could be condensed in to a sentence or two. Thankfully, there is a solution: Twitter’s Direct Messages and @replies is the email killer we’ve been waiting for; they’re fast, minimalist and won’t assault your inbox with spam.

Twitter Kills Spam With a Click

Has someone sent you a spam-filled Tweet? Block them. Don’t want to be burdened with automated messages? Unfollow them. Twitter makes communication (private or public) simple. Twitter offers the broad reach of emails with the advantages of simplicity by promoting pick-and-choose communication and focusing on whom you really need to talk to. Messaging with Twitter forces you to start a conversation and really be a part of it— spam free, of course.
Twitter Gets Straight to the Point

The best thing about Twitter is its biggest limitation: 140 character messages and updates. If email were built on the idea that a message cannot exceed 140 characters, we wouldn’t have the current epidemic of spam and seemingly endless emails that serve no purpose but to waste the recipient’s time. Twitter’s limitation makes the real purpose of a message shine, instead of it being dimmed by unneeded thoughts.

Email is Too Slow
Despite the advancements in email, it’s still slow compared to Twitter’s @replies and direct messages, which happen instantly. Email must be downloaded and have a high latency when downloaded to a phone. Twitter replies can be delivered as text messages to your phone and if you have a Twitter client on your phone, the message appears instantly.

Twitter’s @replies and direct messages are nirvana for those who thrive on simple, direct forms of communication. Its spam control methods beat email, messages are straight to the point and they’re sent fast. I predict direct messages will soon outnumber emails; Twitter is just that efficient.

  • Bud Brewer

    Twitter seems the right vehicle to communicate a declarative opinion. The problem is that without backup to support it, such opinion is not quotable. But then we always have to verify fact or fiction.