Social Media Monitoring: A Necessity For Your Brand

Dec 21, 2010

What is Social Media Monitoring? It’s how a brand cultivates feedback and perception across the social web. If you aren’t monitoring your brand’s image across social media channels, your marketing campaign will be rendered less effective.

What Is Social Media Monitoring?

Social Media monitoring is how brands, companies and advertising agencies cultivate the impact of their brand across the Social Web. Companies that sell to consumers or businesses can leverage Social Media Monitoring even if they don’t actively participate on the Social Web. A variety of tools exist that measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign to what people are saying about your brand or product on Facebook, Twitter or any social site you can think of.

The Advantages Of Social Media Monitoring

Social Media monitoring affords anyone the opportunity to visualize the impact they have made on the social web and whether or not it stems from their marketing efforts or word of mouth. It gives businesses the chance to contact customers and engage with them after their purchase or address issues they’re having.

Companies such as Comcast, Dell and Gatorade all use a vast amount of Social Media monitoring tools to track their online and even offline advertising campaigns, customer feedback requests to update the social sphere of any news. The advantages of employing a great set of Social Media monitoring tools is being able to handle crises instantly, track your competition and adjust your marketing efforts to reflect data you’ve collected from the social web.

Imagine being able to view what people are saying about your brand – positive or negative – and being able to engage in the conversation. Brand perception can be formed for the positive and complaints that arise can be addressed. Crises that lead to negative to brand perception can be contained if you’re alerted to the problem early.

How To Monitor The Social Web: InfiniGraph

Monitoring the social web is key to what we do at DigitalEYE and vital to truly manage the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. A lot of tools exist to tap in to what people are saying about your brand but one sticks out for its capabilities: InfiniGraph generates real time feedback that visualizes how your brand is perceived online.

InfiniGraph is one of the most powerful social media tracking tools. Social Times has a great breakdown on what InfiniGraph is and how it works.