Precious, The Bike That Tweets For Charity

Precious, The Bike That Tweets For Charity

Aug 10, 2010

Utilizing the Internet for charity is nothing new, but they’re evolving. The latest involves a Tweeting bike and an ambitious trek across the US.

Precious, The Bike

Precious, marketed as a bike with brains is part of a journey that not only raises money for Livestrong and Team Fatty but combines Social Media and wit to engage followers that rivals anything an ad agency can do. The bike, outfitted with an onboard computer, does more than send out simple status updates littered with spec data. Instead, Precious has a mind of its own. The bike analyzes its surrounding conditions, sends the data to its website which includes very detailed information on the status of the bike and its rider, Janeen McCrae. Precious has enough sensors to determine its location, direction, outer temperature, humidity, speed, pedal rotation and how steep it has to climb. All of this is controlled by a custom built device from the teams at Breakfast. The data is sent to Twitter and is then parsed to show a more graphical incorporated into the website design for Precious’ site. A representation of the bike is displayed via an elaborate Flash design.

How Precious Works

While the Bike has a personality of its own, a lot of it comes from its rider. According to Breakfasts’ account director and partner, Michael Lipton:

“Most of the tweets are coming from the ‘brain’ that we built — that is, the rider has written a couple of hundred tweets that we’ve stored, each tweet has its own specific set of parameters that must be met. For example, if she’s going down hill for 30 minutes straight in 90 degree heat, she may have set a tweet that says something like ‘coasting is easy but somehow I’m still sweaty.’ Once that tweet is used, it is removed from the pool and can’t be reused, so if she hits that same criteria again a different message would be sent.”

Precious is one of the smartest bikes out there and is shaping up to be a great campaign for Livestrong/Team Fatty. Precious’ rider, Jenny, maintains her own Blog about the cross country trip. You can donate for the cause at Team Fatty’s website.

Via: Mashable