Learn More About Social Media Marketing Expert Dave Evans

Nov 24, 2010

Social Media Marketing expert Dave Evans is speaking at DigitalEYE December 16th and I’d like my readers and followers to better understand what he does.

Evans’ roots in Social Media Marketing stem from his experience working at GSD&M in the advertising department; his goal is to see ads go beyond their current disruptive nature and create a more intimate marketing experience. Evans co-founded Digital Voodoo in 1994 and has worked with clients such as Bengaluru International Airport, Intel, Dell, United Brands, Pepsico, Southwest Airlines, AARP, Wal-Mart and the PGA TOUR.

Evans is best known for his book “Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day” which gives anyone with a marketing background a primer on the social web, how consumers interact with brand and how the purchasing funnel works.

His follow-up book Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation” focuses on how to use social media for consumer relationship management and how to monitor the impact of your social media marketing. All great books and DigitalEYE staff favorites.

Evans’ expertise ultimately comes from being a consumer. His motivation to change current marketing theory reflects his understanding of the consumer as person rather than as a statistic.

If you are interested in finding out about Evans’ strategies or what social media marketing can do for your brand, we encourage you to come to DigitalEYE Media’s event on December 16th which features Evans as the keynote speaker. Currently, there are fewer than 90 tickets available, and space is running out. Cost of admission is only $10 if you book before December 9th and food and beverages will be served during a networking hour with Dave before the presentation. DigitalEYE will also be raffling some impressive door prizes. For more information, visit our event website at Internet Marketing OC. If you are within driving distance, you won’t want to miss this one-time only event!