How To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Oct 6, 2010

Everyone wants more followers on Twitter. Following a few simple rules for engagement will increase your follower count.

Replying, Tweeting and Interacting are things you must do to create more Twitter followers.

Creating Tweets That People Want To Share

There is a running joke that Twitter is for people who want to share useless information with people like when they’re eating or in the bathroom. Dispelling this notion and creating Tweets people not only want to read, but share is the first step in increasing your Twitter followers. Before crafting your first Tweet, think about what’s relevant. You’ll be competing in a crowded conversation for attention but Tweeting about what’s popular and adding opinion is powerful. People will start to Retweet because you’re Tweeting about information that’s relevant, carries an opinion and creates a voice they don’t have about a subject.

Replying To Increase Visibility

71% of Tweets receive no reaction. Replying to Tweets you find even remotely interesting is a great way to get your foot in someone’s door. It’s a genuine interaction and they’ll appreciate the response. This builds a relationship which could lead to them replying to your Tweets which will feature your Twitter handle. You’ll spread through that person’s Twitter network and followers will increase.

Don’t Spam

Even if you have a laundry list of Tweets for one day, don’t push them out at one time. This will dilute your Twitter stream and anger followers. Pushing out updates throughout the day increases visibility and doesn’t make you look like a spammer.

Generating followers on Twitter isn’t as hard as you may think. Creating relevant Tweets, increasing visibility and not spamming will increase your follow count.