Google Release “Chrome To Phone” And Enhanced Voice Commands For Android

Aug 12, 2010

Google unveiled a feature for Chrome that sends links within the browser to an Android phone and new enhanced voice commands for the mobile operating system.

Chrome To Phone

“Chrome to Phone”, a feature that has been available since early May in beta form has been officially released today. As detailed in the above video, setup is extremely easy and integrates nicely with your Google account. As Mashable reports, the extension available for Chrome, takes the link of any webpage within the browser and pushes it your Android phone while maintaing the original website design without conforming into a mobile optimized format. Google engineer Dave Burke revealed the new Chrome extension as something “built in his spare time.” Besides pushing web links and web sites the feature can send maps, currently selected text, YouTube videos and phone numbers to your Android phone. However, the feature is only available on version 2.2 or later. The extension is very simple to use; by clicking the mobile icon in Chrome, the data is automatically sent to your phone. Pushing the same data between and Android phone to a Chrome browser on your desktop is not available as the feature only works one way.

Google also released the source code for the extension which should entice developers to create a similar extension for other browsers such as Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Enhanced Voice Commands For Android Phones

The above video shows how awesome Android’s voice command function is. The feature allows you to search for a local business by reciting the name and calling the location for you. Messages such as texts and emails can be sent out by merely saying “send message to [person] [message].” By saying “drive to (location” your Android powered phone with the Voice Action App installed will open up Google Maps and show you a route to your destination. The voice command features extends to other third party and the list of supported Apps will increase.

Via: Engadget