Get To Know My Team Of Rock Stars

Get To Know My Team Of Rock Stars

Nov 10, 2010

DigitalEYE Media is all about transparency. I always talk to clients about how our team works and invite them to our offices in Costa Mesa to get a feel about what we do. I am extending that offer virtually in order to give you an opportunity to connect with my team and learn something from them. They will be taking questions through the DigitalEYE Facebook Page about their field of expertise and their role in our office. We’ll be posting the dialogue on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds.

The Team

At DigitalEYE, I work with a team of very experienced graphic designers, social media marketers, bloggers and a rockstar web programmer. I’d like to introduce them to you:

Jamie Boepple, DigitalEYE’s Senior Graphic Artist, has a great personality and she is just awesome to work with. Her work is amazing and very detailed. She has covered everything from social media to graphic design. She’ll tell you what it takes to make a design visually appealing.

Walter Pouchot, our Art Director, ties everything great about our team together. His graphic expertise precedes him and his passion for what he does translates in to his work. He specializes in beautiful print work and creating excellent designs. If you’re a DigitalEYE client, you will be thrilled to meet Walter!


I encourage you to ask them questions about what they do and their professions and even get to know them, you may be working with them sometime soon!

You can ask questions on the DigitalEYE Facebook Page and we will be answering them right away.

  • Steve Wiideman

    You couldn’t have used a better word. I’ve worked with your team for years now and, yes, they are absolutely rockstars!