Eric Schmidt: The New Google Will Be Autonomous, Personal And Faster

Eric Schmidt: The New Google Will Be Autonomous, Personal And Faster

Sep 7, 2010

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, announced the future of the search engine; It will understand what you want, give you what you’re looking for and jumpstart the age of “augmented reality.”

Personalized Information At Your Fingertips

Google’s biggest step in expanding its search capabilities is delivering personalized information at a much faster pace. The new Google would deliver information even if it hasn’t been indexed yet. Schmidt emphasized this point when he spoke at the IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin.

The CEO also praised the expansion of the mobile web noting that small, connected devices such as tablets and phones could deliver a stream of information that is fitted to what you’re searching for. Eric’s vision is only made more appealing as he noted the mobile web is growing 8 times faster when compared to the desktop web we’ve come to know and love only 10 years earlier and that more mobile search queries, about 33% have to do with where a user is.

Schmidt had this to say regarding personalized search:

“Ultimately, search is a personal activity. Ultimately, where search goes is not just the web, but literally all of your information — your email, the things that you care about. This is with your permission, I might add. This is personal search for you and only you, because ultimately search is about finding what you want right now.

And the next step of search is doing this automatically. So, when I walk down the streets of Berlin — I love history — what I want is the computer, my smartphone to be doing searches constantly. ‘Did you know? Did you know? Did you know? Did you know? This occurred here. This occurred there.’ Because it knows who I am. It knows what I care about. It knows roughly where I am. So this notion of autonomous search — this ability to tell me things I didn’t know but am probably very interested in is the next great stage, in my view, of search.”

This notion of autonomous search – to tell me things I didn’t know but am probably interested in, is the next great stage – in my view – of search.”

Implementing Personal Search

Hugo Barra, a Product Management Director, demoed a new, upcoming feature for Google Translate called “conversation mode.” The new feature would allow users to speaking into a mobile phone or device to translate their words in to a different language on the fly.

Schmidt urged businesses that rely on the “economics of scarcity” to convert to the “economics of ubiquity” which would help monetize “augmented humanity.” His example was the monetization of YouTube which is helping push the augmented age and create “healthy debate” about pressing topics. Schmidt also noted that YouTube receives more than 2 billion views per day and an addition 160 million mobile views per days. Advertisers are also up 50% in the last year and 45 billion ads are served each day by DoubleClick.

Via: Search Engine Land