A Guide To Geotagging Content

Oct 14, 2010

Most content creators only think about global search engine results, but if you’re a regionally based business, geotagging can improve local search results driving more traffic to your website. It improves visibility in location-based search engines and is very easy to set up.

What Is Geotagging?

Geotagging is labeling your data with geographical information that tells search engines and people where your business is located or where it was created. Geotagging can be used to label location data on pictures, videos, websites and Tweets. Geotagging helps categorize your content, which helps when someone is searching for a term involving location.

How Geotagging Can Improve Local SEO

Geotagging your website, photos and videos can improve your placement in localized search results. Many search engines like Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo!, Local Splash and Bing index geotagged content. By adding geographical data to your content, you’re essentially telling search engines to bring up your content when someone searches for a term that includes the same geographical data. For example, if I run a website that focuses on services based in Lake Forest and my website is geotagged properly, anyone who searches for businesses in Lake Forest is more likely to see my website show up higher in search results.

How To Geotag Your Content

Geotagging your content is extremely easy. Most distribution services such as Youtube and Flickr display location data if it’s already included in the video or image file. If your camera or phone has a GPS chip in it, you can geotag your content automatically. Adding geotag data to your website and blog is done through a different approach called metatagging. If you aren’t very proficient with HTML code, you can follow the tutorials on Geo-Tag.de to get a an understanding of what these tags do and how to implement them into your website.

Geotagging your content is very useful, improving visibility in search engine results for location-based content. Small and localized businesses are sure to find many benefits when they utilize these strategies.